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We create images to illustrate your paper documents to the press, social media or your corporate website. Formatted for communication, the photographs will be a window into your business, your customers, according to the criteria you have established. The work is done in your office or place of your choice with a complete lighting equipment to showcase subjects as would be the case in the studio.

These images are very varied. Sometimes closely related to their field of activity (industry), and so demonstrative, or rather his universe (luxury brands) in order to transmit an advertising message or informative to your customers. This service is called corporate.

If you would like a photographic coverage of professional or social events, we offer a photo reportage. We will follow the course of the event according to its program by focusing on the priorities you have set. The photographs that result from this type of shooting are generally spontaneous as taken in the heart of the action, without preparation. They allow to have a memory of the event and participants.

Since the prices for this service are directly linked to your project, please contact us in order to obtain a precise offer.

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