The Post-processing is inseparable from the professional digital photography, if only to prepare the raw photos, just got out from the camera. Just like we did (some still do) at the time of film photography in a darkroom. This is a development of the image that contains a control colorimetry, contrast, sharpness, possibly cropping.

In Photographer-Geneva, we add, in addition to compulsory treatment, removal of small imperfections of the skin; small localized redness and pimples. It is included automatically in all our plans, is the LIGHT post-processing. When you are making a shooting and using the photos for your model book, it is advisable not to go further in order to avoid proposing a distorted image to professionals whose is the main selection criterion.

However, to our “+” plans we add the FULL post-processing. It adds to the aforementioned corrections, more or less extensive improvements to your photos in order to obtain a result equivalent to what you can see in the press. This is a natural smoothing of the skin to which we can add a gaze improvement: removal of small blood vessels in the eye, iris brighter, the smile: whiter teeth, the hair: more reflections, brilliance. It is also possible to improve, where possible, some details of your anatomy to enhance your body shape.

You’ll understand the post-processing is somehow polish to your images, the final layer that beautifies your portraits. Almost everything is possible, natural to fashion magazine portrait ! To you to tell us what you want, nothing is imposed, everything is proposed.

The post-processing is entirely handmade by a professional image editor. That’s why you can not have your photos just after your session. We believe that nothing can replace the eye of a human for this job and it is part, along with the photo shoot, the service that you pay. It would therefore be incorrect to make you photos that have been automatically grossly retouched by a computer.

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