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We realize your product photos or packshots with the greatest rigor in our specialized studio. A perfect product picture is essential to relay to your potential customers the work that has been devoted to the development of your objects. This type of photograph is divided into two distinct parts; The composition and the packshot.

For the first, it will be necessary to create a specific atmosphere, notably by lighting, possibly by accessories, to highlight your products according to their characteristics and your expectations. Attention will be paid to details, textures, finishes and quality of manufacture. This work is particularly suited to the luxury products photography such as watchmaking, jewelery or leather goods. The shooting is compulsorily followed by a careful post-processing to achieve perfection and get a ready-to-use photo.

The packshots are often used when it comes to a large number of products (for an online shop for example), the important thing here is to be representative and homogeneous throughout the range while allowing a clear view of each product. They will therefore be made on a plain background, to facilitate deep-etching, and with standardized lighting. This service is suitable, for example, perfectly for clothing.

Since the prices for this service are directly linked to your project, please contact us in order to obtain a precise offer.

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