This page is about the people photography. If you can not find your happiness in this FAQ or if your question is about an other of our services, we will answer with pleasure!

Q: Where is held the photo shoot?

A: It’s up to you! Your session can be performed in our fully equipped studio located in the area of Acacias in Geneva, in your premises (business or residential) or outside. For the last two options, you have to add OUTSIDE THE STUDIO option to your package.

Q: How goes the photo shoot at your studio?

A: On your arrival, completely relaxed, you can change you, arrange your hairstyle or make one last beauty retouch. If you chose the makeup option, you will have up to one hour of professional makeup, depending on its sophistication, before the session.

Then the shooting begins and, depending on its duration, you have the ability to change clothes between 3 and 9 times (except for package BUSINESS PORTRAIT 30). During the shoot, the photographer will guide you to get the best results and also regularly shows you the photos to give you a better idea of the final result.

Once the session is over, you choose the pictures that you like up to the number included in your package. They will be sent between 24h and a few days depending on the time of realization. Payment is made at the end of the session after the selection of pictures (cash or credit card) or against a giftcard.

Q: I am under 18, what should I consider to make a photo shoot?

A: It is imperative to have an authorization signed by a parent or legal guardian and a copy of his identity card. The presence of this person is also required, at least at the pre-session meeting.

Q: How to be sure that the session will reflect my expectations?

A: During the pre-shooting meeting, you can explain in detail your wishes to the photographer. On this occasion, you can also bring him some examples (photos, sketches etc …) to show what kind of pictures your expect.

Q: I want to do a session with family. How many people can participate and what package do you advise?

A: In our studio, it is possible to photograph a family (or group) of 5 people. If more than 5 people must appear on the photos, it will be possible to carry out the studio session, at home or outside.

Q: How long do you recommend for a photo shoot?

A: It depends on the type of pictures you want. But generally, if you want to achieve a real photo shoot, wearing many different outfits and make you happy, we recommend a session of two hour minimum. You will see that an hour of shooting going really fast.

For the family session, if young children are in attendance, you should not choose a fixed duration greater than one hour.

Q: How many pictures are provided after a session?

A: 5 for 30 min, 13 for 60 min. and 26 to 120 min.

At Photographer Geneva we think that quality prevails largely over quantity for a photo shooting. Therefore, all the photos that we provide are professionally post-processed according to your expectations.

Q: When choosing after the shooting, is it possible to obtain a larger number of pictures that includes in my package?

A: It’s entirely possible. Each additional picture is then charged CHF15.- without any post-processing or CHF25.- with a full post-processing. Depending on the number, a reduction may be applied

Q: I work during office hours, when can I come to a photo shoot?

A: No problem! The shooting can be arranged at your convenience. After office hours or on Saturdays. A flat rate of CHF100.-/h will be added to your package from 8pm and a session on Sunday.

Q: Do you offer gift vouchers that I could offer?

A: A photo shoot is an original and always appreciated! All packages are available in the form of gift vouchers. You can discover our giftcards here.

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