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A gourmet dish is a visual, scents and of course, taste. Since we can only transcribe the first item, so do it perfectly. This type of picture is often performed directly at the customer, in a corner of his kitchen turned, to the needs, in a real photographic studio. The idea is to be able to grasp the picture at the end of dressing the dish. The focus is then put on the gloss, texture and colors to convey more than a simple image and honor the dish as it should. To do this, we propose two different approaches; the packshot or composition.

The composition uses a accurate light and a unique framing for each dish to bring out its specificities (textures, transparency, sauces …). Very often we will also use linked accessories (ingredients, decorations and dishes for example) to get a specific atmosphere to the recipe. This is what kind of photos you can see in cookbooks or advertising.

For the packshot, the goal is to have a clear vision of the product, usually on white background, and without accessories. Above all we seek to have a homogeneity between the dishes presented by a frame and a standardized lighting. This service is often used for brochures or home delivery website with a multitude of different dishes.

Since the prices for this service are directly linked to your project, please contact us in order to obtain a precise offer.

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